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Is this officially from Sia? No. We do our best to protect your data but cannot be held responsible for any losses. Make sure your device is virus-free when exposing your seed.

Is this secure? Yes! No wallet data is stored. All traces are wiped when you close this page.

Can I use other wallets? You can access your funds from PC wallet or others at the same time, since your funds belong to the address associated with your Seed.

Are there alternatives? Yes! Check out, another great web wallet for Siacoin or download official Sia desktop wallet from

How can I contact you? We greatly appreciate any feedback to make our service better for you. Please drop us a message at

To send Siacoin or view balance, unlock your wallet with Seed (29-words passphrase):

Our service is for humans, not robots. Please share our philosophy.

To begin, unlock your Siacoin wallet with Seed (29-words passphrase).

Sia Resources

Sia, fully decentralized cloud storage website.

Charts and metrics for the Sia network.

Wiki for community to understand Sia.

Sia network statistic information and map.

Another great web wallet for Sia community. - Secure Online Wallet for Siacoin. Send us your feedback at

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